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Ooh la-la, Olaplex!

Okay, if you're even remotely "with" the 21st century, you've probably heard the word "Olaplex" more than once or twice. It's become quite prevalent in the hair salon world and we're so excited about it! So, what IS "Olaplex" and what exactly is it used for?

According to the brand's website, "You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance." Essentially, Olaplex is used to protect hair from chemical damage. Technically, it's considered a "bonder", which means it protects the hair when being overly bleached, thus, preventing breakage after the fact. Not only does it prevent breakage, but it can also repair already-damaged hair strands from previous hair coloring and bleaching. If you're looking to color your hair but are afraid of the risk of damaging your healthy locks, Olaplex could be a great treatment option for you to get the best of both worlds!

Here at Maven Hair Studio, we offer Olaplex to our clients. Not only does Olaplex reconnect broken bonds but it "repairs damage to hair that has been compromised by chemical processing, heat styling, and mechanical abuse and it improves and maintains hair strength and integrity". It also helps repair damage from frequent coloring and bleaching while lessening breakage. If you're wanting help with growing your hair longer while reducing the appearance of split ends, Olaplex should be your go-to!

You can see in our before-and-after examples of Olaplex used on real clients below, that the treatment tames frizz and makes hair shiner, smoother, and more manageable. We can't say enough good things about this product!

All of our stylists at Maven Hair Studio use Olaplex and would be happy to transform your hair! A stand alone treatment is $55.00 and up depending on length of hair. Add it on to your color service for only $10, depending on the type of service. Contact us today at 303 665 9606 to call and schedule your Olaplex treatment at Maven Hair Studio in Lafayette, Colorado. We can't wait to meet you!


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