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Going Gray

Let's face it. As we age, the inevitable happens - gray hair. At first you notice a few gray strands here or there but eventually, your hair starts to lose pigment more and more. Unfortunately, we don't get a full head of beautiful gray hair overnight - it is a process that takes time and isn't the most desirable to have the new large sections of gray hair attempting to "blend" in with your natural (or dyed) hair color. If you're ready to embrace your gray, we can help you get there with hair color.

There are a few ways to go all natural.

1. Color Correction: Instead of a stylist "correcting" to your natural hair color or previously dyed color, they correct it to be more like the gray color coming in. It is certainly a process and time consuming but it will get you the results you are looking for. Most stylists charge per hour for color correcting to gray.

2. Micro Highlights/Lowlights: Another way to start going gray is to opt for micro highlights and/or lowlights on the top of the hair only. The stylist will blend in grey strands to give you an overall "salt and pepper" look - without going fully gray all over. This option is for those who aren't ready to fully transition but want to start the process.

3. Hair Cut or Grow Out: An alternative option for going gray is to change up your hair cut/style - a lot of women tend to go for a pixie cut to get down to the 2 or 3 inches of gray that has started to grow out by cutting the old color completely off. Letting your roots grown out completely without a cut is obviously the least expensive option but isn't the most stylish. It can often age you 10+ years.

So what do we suggest? Each and every client is different. If you're thinking about going gray, we suggest you go try on a silver/gray wig. Go with your gut feeling the minute you see yourself in it. If you decide to go gray, we recommend using a blue/purple based shampoo. It helps richen the grey and keep it bright. Unite has one of the best purple/blue shampoos on the market and we sell it here at Maven!

If going gray is for you, let's do it! If you'd like to keep your natural color - we can absolutely do that too. Call us today for a consultation.

Maven Hair Studio

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