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Those Hair Products You Bought... aren't what you think they are.

Of course, when shopping around for quality hair products, the natural thing to do would be to search for the product in Google and then order the cheapest price it's listed at, right? This is a common practice for lots of clients and customers - one that needs to change. While we know that option might seem easier than going to your local salon and picking up your favorite shampoo, we have to warn you that the product you're ordering online and not specifically from a salon, has been diverted - meaning not the REAL product you know and love.

Diversion occurs when a product isn't exclusively sold in authorized salons and spas and instead sent to local retailers or on mass consumer sites like Amazon or even Target. For most salon-quality products, you should only be able to buy them at a salon. Keep that in mind when shopping!

We wouldn't be writing this blog if we didn't have a GREAT solution for you - did you know that you can now shop Maven Hair Studio's salon products online? Yeah - that's right, the exact salon-quality products you know and love, shipped directly to you, with trust in us that you're getting the real deal and not a counterfiet product.

We've created this store to help clients get real professional products for the days you can’t get to the salon. They are shipped directly from the source. You can get access to all your favorite products: Kevin Murphy, Moroccon Oil, Eleven, Unite and more!

You can visit our shop by going to:

Quality products = happy hair.

Happy Shopping!



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