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Deciding if a Perm is Right for You

What is a perm?

Perming is a chemical process performed by a hairstylist that involves treating your hair to alter its structure and create a permanent wave or curl.  Perms take about two hours for a stylist to complete, 28 hours to relax (so the end result will be different than your initial curls), and can last up to six months on the ideal candidate with adequate home care.

Am I the "ideal candidate?"

A variety of factors come into play when determining whether or not your hair is right for a perm. The process may not be for you if:

  • You have highlights. If your hair is highlighted, perming may not be your best choice- especially if you have a lot of highlights. Often perm chemicals do not mix well with bleach or lightener, which can result in breakage.

  • Your hair is dry. If your hair is dry or very damaged, perming will strip your hair completely of moisture, resulting in further damage.

  • Your layers are short. While possible, it is more difficult to achieve the desired curl/style with shorter layers of hair.

  • Your hair is quite thin. The thicker your hair, the better the perm will take.

What about after-care?

After your locks are freshly permed, you'll want to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair- especially using shampoo. If you've never received a perm or curl treatment before, you'll likely want to switch to shampoo and conditioner made for curly/permed hair. You may even want to try new styling products that support your new hair style and texture. Just remember to avoid products that contain alcohol when possible, as it causes frizz.

How can Maven provide me with the perfect perm experience?

Maven stylist and owner, Laura Cornish, is the only perm specialist on the Maven staff. Her own expertise with curly hair (both natural and artifical curl) is completed by her knowledge of the perming process. Book your appointment with Laura now! Not sure exactly what type of look you're going for? Feel like you're traveling into uncharted territories? Create a Pinterest board of your favorite curly styles and bring it in the day of your appointment. We'll evaluate what is achievable based on your inspiration and individual hair type to give you the perm that works best for you.

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