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Boulder County Masters Balayage

Updated: Mar 15

What is balayage?

Balayage is a French term meaning “to sweep.” Therefore, balayage highlights are hand-painted or "swept" along the hair for a more natural look. Application begins light and becomes heaviest at the ends of the hair, concentrating the color or lightener on the surface of each section. This keeps the underside of the hair darker, creating full dimension. Balayage is a technique suitable for any hair color, from blondes to reds to browns. The best part? Balayage highlights are cost-effective because they don’t require those frequent touch-ups (since the hair at the top is kept darker).

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How do I choose a balayage stylist?

Because balayage involves hand-painting, the artistry of your hair stylist is a valuable component and can make or break your color result. You'll want to select artists that have extensive experience working with this technique and can back up that experience with beautiful portfolio pieces of the same technique. Maven is proud to call itself home to four of these balayage masters.

-Mallory, Tracie, Ashley and Lacey are stylists that take clients' color from bland to bold during their working hours at Maven Hair Studio. Please use the links below to book a balayage with one of our stylists.

Book with Mallory

Book with Tracie

Book with Ashley

Book with Lacey

Book with Bailey

As a resident of busy Boulder County, your stylist options may seem endless. But the balayage masters are few and far between.

Look no further! Book your color, cut, and style at Maven by contacting us now!

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